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Lies just to the east of the city centre, the name Springfield comes from a field name. The road names are taken from historical rivers and wells in London. Developed since 1975 it was one of the earlier areas of the city build mainly in terraces and around squares. It also shares its name with the fictional city in which the animated American sitcom The Simpsons is set.

The local centre comprises Tesco One Stop shop, and the Springfield community centre, transferred in 2014, under the Community Asset Transfer scheme, to the Parish Council.

The estate is served by two schools:

  • Shepherdswell Academy, Billingwell Place, Springfield, MK6 3NP T 01908 665 418
  • Orchard Academy, Springfield Boulevard, Springfield, MK6 3HW T 01908 670 681
7 August 2023
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7 August 2023