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Fishermead is named after a field called Fishers Mead. The fishing theme is continued in the street naming. All of the streets are named after Cornish fishing terminology.

The original housing was grouped around squares. A particularly striking area is Kernow Crescent built in 1981 which encloses the local park. The area takes on the grid design like many others in the city, with a central boulevard with the services running off it.

The Coop in Fishermead, part of the area covered by Campbell Park Parish Council.
Local facilities include the Trinity Centre (church and community center) a doctor’s surgery, pharmacy and Co-op and a variety of ethnic shops.

The estate is served by two schools:

  • Jubilee Wood Primary School, 1 Fishermead Boulevard, Fishermead, MK6 2LB T 01908 257 810,
  • The Willows School, Fishermead Boulevard, Fishermead, MK6 2LP T 01908 528 803

The local park on Kernow Crescent is in the process of being transferred to the Parish Council, under the Community Asset Transfer scheme.

Chinese Overseas Christian Mission

Chinese Overseas Christian Mission (COCM) headquarters are based in Fishermead. COCM is an inter-denominational mission with the objectives of bringing the gospel to the Chinese scattered over Europe through pioneering evangelism, church planting, training and literature work.

The mission’s vision is “where there are Chinese, may Christ be there also”.

7 August 2023
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7 August 2023