The Community Council decided to take over the landscaping from Milton Keynes City Council in April 2020 and to bring the current landscape contract for land owned by the Community Council in house.

Landscape maintenance includes grass cutting, shrub and low level tree maintenance.

The Parks Trust will still be responsible for the maintenance of their portfolio of land including the green spaces abutting the grid roads and any issues relating to their land will need to be reported directly to them.

To report comments/queries/complaints about Community Council landscaping works, please complete the landscaping enquiry form for action by our Landscaping team.

If you would like to check if the area is part of the Campbell Park Community Council landscaping contract, please visit the My Milton Keynes section in the Milton Keynes Council website, enter the postcode, select your address and then click on Find. Click on the My Maps tab and then under Map Categories (on the left of the map) tick Landscape – Maintained General.

8 August 2023
Last Updated
4 June 2024