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Publicly Accessible Defibrillators

The Community Council have installed and maintain five defibrillators throughout the area.

A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall to someone who is in cardiac arrest.

This high energy shock is called defibrillation, and it’s an essential lifesaving step in the chain of survival. If you come across someone who has had a cardiac arrest, it’s vital to call 999 and start CPR. Whilst the units are self-explanatory/intuitive, you may wish to read further information on how to use the defibrillator.

The defibrillator units, provided by the Community Council, can only be retrieved from the bright yellow cabinets with a code, which the ambulance service can provide you with. By calling 999, they will assess whether a defibrillator is needed and direct you to the nearest unit and provide the access code.

These defibrillators are often known as public access defibrillators (PAD) as anyone can use them in an emergency. You shouldn’t be afraid of using a defibrillator if someone has had a cardiac arrest. The unit provides audio step by step instructions and will only activate if the patient is in cardiac arrest.

PAD’s are available in the following locations:

  • Fishermead – Parish Council Office – 1 Pencarrow Place
  • Oldbrook – Oldbrook Centre (next to The Cricketers) – Oldbrook Boulevard
  • Springfield – Springfield Centre (next to the One Stop shop) – Springfield Boulevard
  • Woolstone – The Cross Keys, Newport Road, Woolstone
  • Willen – Ship Ashore, Granville Square


8 August 2023
Last Updated
4 June 2024