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Grants awarded April 2022 – to March 2023

The Parish Council awarded the following grants during 2022-23 :

  • Frank Howe Court Social Club £500 to purchase fans and gazebos for summer events
  • Woolstone Community Centre £400 towards their Jubilee event
  • Action Speaks CIC £1000 towards their community events programme in Fishermead
  • Sierra Leone Community MK £1000 for cultural awareness events and engagement
  • YMCA MK £1000 towards their supported living programme
  • Geoff Taylor Trust £10,000 to enable the provision of grants to local people in further education
  • MGB Community Services £1000 for the Community Breakfast Club
  • Jumping Beans Under 5’s £1000 towards family outings, equipment and toys
  • Keech Hospice £500 towards the cost of community care for a child in the parish with a life limiting condition
  • MK Hospital NHS Foundation Trust £1000 towards the neonatal relatives room improvement project
20 June 2024
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20 June 2024